How Is Property Divided in an Arizona Divorce?

Are you considering divorce? One of the longest and most complicated parts of an Arizona divorce process is the property division. Arizona is considered a "community property" state. This means that any items and debts that were acquired during the marriage will be divided in a fair way. This does not necessarily mean that each spouse will get an exact equal amount of assets. It only guarantees that the division will be fair.

Sometimes, couples are able to agree on all of their debts and assets and can simply divide things up their own way in an amicable divorce with the help of an attorney. This is the preferable method, as individuals that divide up their assets on their own are able to control where certain pieces of property go and how they are dealt with. When the court has authority, they may make uniform decisions that are not best for your family. The court does not know your situation as well as you do, which is why our Mesa divorce lawyers suggest creating an amicable property division if at all possible.

However, we understand that there are times when an amicable divorce just isn't feasible. In this situation, the courts will decide the property division. Spouses will want to make sure to label all separate property (property acquired prior to the marriage or acquired through inheritance and gifts) so that it is not factored into the division.

Distinguishing community property from separate property can be excessively complicated, especially if one spouse owns a business or another asset which contributed to the labor or funds of the marriage. If you have a complex property situation, we highly suggest you consult with a Mesa divorce attorney before taking action. You will need to determine property values with appraisals if you want to make sure that your property division is complete fair.

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