The Three Types of Spousal Maintenance in AZ

When spouses separate in Arizona, oftentimes the higher-earning spouse will be required to make monthly payments to the lower-earning spouse for a certain amount of time. This is what is known as spousal maintenance, or more commonly referred to as spousal support or alimony. These payments can be awarded by a judge in three different forms: pendent lite, permanent, or limited maintenance.

Pendent Lite Maintenance

The first form of maintenance is “pendent lite” maintenance, or a temporary arrangement for the lower-earning spouse to receive payments during the divorce process until a final decision is decreed by the courts. This can be paid either in a single lump sum payment or on a monthly basis for a set amount of time. Once a decision has been made, this will be re-evaluated by the courts and a temporary or permanent maintenance may be awarded.

Permanent Maintenance

While uncommon, a judge may award a spouse permanent maintenance. These payments are to be made indefinitely unless the collecting spouse remarries or is deemed to be financially self-sufficient. Judges rarely award permanent maintenance, as the concept of spousal support is most often looked at as a rehabilitative means. In most cases, permanent maintenance is used only after long marriages or in instances where the lower-earning spouse is disabled or cannot support themselves due to their age.

Limited Maintenance

If a spouse contributed to the education or furthering of the other spouse’s career, the courts may issue a limited maintenance arrangement. Exactly as they sound, these payments are limited and will end after a certain amount of time has passed or if a certain total of contributions has been reached.

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