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Is It Easy to Get Joint Custody?

The courts prefer both parents to be involved in their children's life, so joint custody is the most common type of custody awarded. Parents may run into problems, however, if they have a criminal record, a dangerous living situation, lack of control & responsibility, or even disparaging the other parent. In these cases, physical and legal custody may be awarded to one parent in a sole custody arrangement.

How Do I Get Joint Custody?

In order to get joint custody, you and the child's parent must work out a parenting plan. This will include:

  • Residential and visitation schedule
  • Vacation schedule
  • Child care requirements
  • Contact with extended family members and parent's romantic partners

There are many other factors that you could include in your parenting plan. We are available to help you work out your joint custody arrangement. We can also assist you with modifying a court order or, if the child's other parent is not cooperating, enforcing the court order. To develop a comprehensive parenting plan that will cause the least struggle later, discuss your case with our divorce lawyers in Mesa!

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