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Divorce is never an easy situation, and even the most amicable of marriage dissolutions can quickly turn ugly when concerns regarding custody arraignments, visitation, and property division are addressed. At Liszewski Law Group, PLLC we understand that this time in your life may be complicated, but by working with our team, you could achieve a favorable resolution to your situation.

When you work with our firm, we will thoroughly review your case and determine the best possible course of action to take in order to provide you with outcome that you deserve. Our service is always personalized – meaning when you retain us, you work directly with an attorney. Do not hesitate to retain the assistance of a family lawyer from our office as soon as possible.

What You Can Expect From Our Firm

When you choose to work with our team, we will:

  • Determine your eligibility to file for divorce based on 90-day residency requirement in Arizona
  • Assist you in serving the divorce orders to your spouse
  • After the 60-day waiting period after the papers are served, we will help you file for divorce
  • Aggressively represent you throughout the divorce process
  • Inform you of the various stages of the process
  • Represent you whether you are facing litigation, mediation, arbitration or an uncontested divorce

Our attorneys are aware that no two cases are ever the same and each person's unique family dynamic and marital situation may vary, which is why we will always pursue a personalized solution to your case. To learn more about your rights, contact Liszewski Law Group, PLLC, or take a look at the answers we have provided to common divorce questions listed below.

Understanding the Divorce Process

As you consider filing for divorce, you're likely aware of a number of different issues that you and your spouse will be faced with, such as child custody, property division, and alimony, to name a few. When combined, they can feel impossible to sort through even under the best of circumstances. We're here to break down the divorce process until it's simplified.

Child Custody Arrangements

The way child custody is handled in Arizona is similar to many other states. Parents can create a plan together or let the court do it for them, but the child's best interests must be upheld at all costs. Sole custody means that the child lives with one parent for the majority of the time, while joint custody means time is split equally. If one parent has custody, a parenting plan will determine how and when the other parent can spend time with the child.

How Will Our Property Be Divided?

Property division is equally important for many couples, as it determines the fate of your belongings after divorce. Arizona is a community property state, which means that all marital property belongs equally to both spouses and will be distributed as such. Separate property is anything acquired before the marriage, or what one spouse received as a gift or inheritance. Certain debts may also be divided among divorcing couples.

Determining Alimony

It is difficult to go from two incomes to just one and alimony, or spousal support, is especially beneficial for this reason. Alimony may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. When the time comes to make a ruling concerning spousal support, the court will determine if you qualify for support based on various factors.

Factors that can affect an alimony ruling include:

  • Your marital standard of living
  • The length of your marriage
  • Your financial needs

Understanding Child Support

One of the final 'big ticket issues' is child support. These payments are ordered by the court and tell each parent how much they must pay and when. Child support is common when one parent has sole custody, as the noncustodial parent is usually required to pay a predetermined amount of money each month.

Arizona Divorce: Common Questions

  • Can I use emails & texts as evidence?
  • Can I change my court?
  • Will my spouse be able to get property that I owned before marriage?
  • Why should I consider a collaborative divorce?
  • My spouse is a member of the military. Will our divorce be more complicated?
  • Is alimony commonly permanent?
  • Is there a benefit to filing for divorce before my spouse does?
  • How long will it take for my divorce to be finalized?
  • What if my child develops unexpected financial needs?
  • Do I need an attorney for my divorce?

Can I use emails & texts as evidence?

The courts will allow emails & texts to be used as evidence to prove your point; however, it is important that you do not act illegally in obtaining the evidence. Accessing a private email account or phone data without authorization can be construed as a form of domestic abuse. Be very cautious in how you obtain the information.

Can I change my court?

Yes. If your spouse filed for divorce in a different jurisdiction, you can file for a change of venue based on the grounds of inconvenience. Essentially, this motion asks the court to voluntarily give up the case so it can be moved to a different jurisdiction.

Will my spouse be able to get property that I owned before marriage?

If you acquired property before your marriage, such as a home or vehicle, then you have a right to keep it after the marriage ends. Keep in mind, however, that if your spouse helped you with the mortgage or payments on the property, then the amount that they paid is considered community property.

Why should I consider a collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is worthwhile because it is much more peaceful than your ordinary divorce. Spouses are able to preserve amiability for their children and spend less on the overall process. The collaborative process also puts much of the control back in your hands, not the courts.

My spouse is a member of the military. Will our divorce be more complicated?

While it can be more complicated, it doesn't mean it's impossible. One of the biggest differences of a military divorce is that the spouse who is in the military must be a resident of the state where you're filing for at least 90 days. For many couples, the biggest factor is timing the divorce correctly.

Is alimony commonly permanent?

There are three different types of alimony – pendente lite, permanent, and limited. As courts begin looking at alimony as more of a rehabilitative tool than anything else, permanent alimony is becoming much scarcer than it once was.

Is there a benefit to filing for divorce before my spouse does?

From a legal perspective, there is no clear advantage. From a personal perspective, however, it can beneficial to be the one who files for your divorce. This gives you more time to prepare for the decisions you'll have to soon make.

How long will it take for my divorce to be finalized?

All courts in Arizona must wait at least 60 days before granting a divorce from the time the first papers have been served to one spouse. Fortunately, divorce is much quicker here than in many other states.

What if my child develops unexpected financial needs?

The best part of a custody order is that the court rarely views it as set in stone. If you suddenly require increased support, you can file a modification request and explain your reasons for the new amount.

Do I need an attorney for my divorce?

It is ultimately up to you, but our answer is always a resounding yes. A divorce is made up of dozens of moving pieces and shifting emotions make it difficult to think logically. A divorce lawyer can help you make the tough decisions, all while protecting your rights.

Are You Ready to Move Forward with Your Case?

At Liszewski Law Group, PLLC we understand that most people do not know where to turn in order to begin their divorce process. As divorce lawyers in Mesa, we have 20 years of collective experience providing valuable representation to our clients in all types of contested and uncontested divorces and we may be able to help you as well. For more information on your rights and how working with our firm can help you succeed in your divorce, complete a free case evaluation form today!

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