Debt Division in Mesa, AZ

Dividing Your Debt Fairly in a Divorce

The burden of debt is heavy, especially on one set of shoulders. If you have decided upon a divorce with your spouse and have debt shared between you, it is ideal to determine outside of a courtroom how the remaining debt should be settled. Ideally, you will be able to simply pay off any remaining debt before the divorce is finalized. Should any remain unsettled during a divorce, it is of utmost importance to have it handled by a professional before you get stuck with unfair debt.

Don’t be the one debt collectors come for when your spouse should have shouldered the responsibility for expenses. With more than 20 collective years of experience, Liszewski Law Group, PLLC is ready to stand by your side during this difficult time to ensure debt is divided—and collected—appropriately.

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Two Kinds of Debt to Divide

Perhaps the most important reason to seek professional counsel in a divorce comes down to the two different kinds of debt. Understanding the difference could save you from years of financial struggles.

  • Secured debt is a debt that is divided based on acquired assets in the divorce. Simply put, if you are getting less in the divorce, a secured debt will usually be a lesser amount as it is assumed you will have less opportunity to pay it off than your spouse.
  • Unsecured debt is a debt that is divided as equal as possible between the two parties of a divorce, regardless of assets secured in the divorce. If the debt is two grand, you will both likely end up owing one grand using unsecured debt.

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Figuring out the minor details and the big numbers of debt division can be a headache for those not well-versed in the law. Making a filing mistake or overlooking the ledgers can stick you with accrued debt that is solely due to your spouse’s overspending or negligence. Don’t let that happen to you. Contact our divorce lawyers in Mesa to get the help you need.

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