Parental Rights in Arizona

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All parents in Arizona State have a particular set of inherited rights the moment their child is born or they complete a legal adoption of a child. Divorcing does not outright break these parental rights but may significantly complicate them. If you are running into trouble with your ex-spouse in regards to both of your parenting rights now that your marriage has been dissolved, you can rely on our compassionate and highly-experienced Mesa divorce attorneys – together we have been helping families for more than 20 years – for trustworthy legal counsel.

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What Are My Rights as a Parent in Arizona?

As part of your divorce process, you and your spouse are going to need to come up with an agreement as to how your children are cared for and raised after your separation. This process can become muddled if you do not understand your basic rights as a parent. Are you giving up too much of your parental rights and putting yourself at a disadvantage? Are you demanding too much of your ex-spouse and possibly harming the wellbeing of your children? Knowing the most important aspects of parental rights as defined by Arizona State, and retaining a Mesa family law attorney, can help you avoid these problems.

Some of your most important parental rights are:

  • Custody: You have the right to make important life decisions for your child until the court grants sole custody to your ex-spouse, which is a rare occurrence. In most situations, divorce court judges are encouraged to choose a joint custody agreement unless there is a specific reason not to do so, such as threat of domestic violence.
  • Parenting time: You also have the inherent right to see your child. If you are not granted sole custody, you should be given some parenting time, or opportunity to see your child regularly. It is uncommon to not be granted parenting time that includes holidays and special occasions.
  • Modification: If you are a parent who is struggling to raise or see your child due to agreements established during your divorce, you do have the right to seek modifications to make your life easier. Team up with your divorce lawyer and ask what a court considers valid reasons for modifications.

Uphold and Protect Your Parental Rights

Many divorced parents who did not fight for their inherent parental rights report feelings of regret or lost opportunities. Do not let the future of your child’s life and your own familial happiness pass you by due to hesitation or a lack of competent legal advocacy. Now is the time to contact our Mesa divorce lawyers at Liszewski Law Group, PLLC. With our help, you can go into your new life with confidence that everything will work out as you expected.

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