Social Media & Divorce

Today’s day and age enables nearly everyone to have a social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. While these platforms lend themselves as extremely useful for a number of reasons, they may also be a serious detriment if you are in the midst of a major life transition. When your marriage is on its way out, your emotions are running high, which makes you more likely than ever to vent about your frustrations to an available outlet.

Posting less-than-favorable things about your ex can and will be use against you in the long run. A negative status, though posted in a fit of anger, will stand forever in time. If you don’t want a judge to see it, don’t post it. Social media can also be negative in divorce in regard to financial matters. Whether you post pictures of your vacation or your recent purchases, it is never a promising idea to put your financial status on a public platform. The opposition will find a way to manipulate or exaggerate the content. Even if your account is private, people will find access to it if they need or want to. You don’t want your own words or photos to incriminate you in the long run--so be mindful of anything you post before or during the divorce process.

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