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Even though divorce often carries a negative stigma, a collaborative divorce can be used to avoid the negative factors of divorce while still achieving the same end goal. Overall, you are likely seeking a divorce because your marriage simply does not work anymore; however, that doesn't mean a friendship or cooperative relationship cannot be kept up with your former spouse.

The Mesa divorce attorneys at our firm understand the challenges and benefits of collaborative divorce and are here to work with you and your current spouse to resolve your divorce in a peaceful and efficient manner. We will help negotiate a favorable outcome for both sides, ensuring both parties are satisfied.

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Why Should I Choose a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce can provide many financial benefits, both financial and relational. Oftentimes, this type of divorce has much more of a positive impact on children, rather than the harsh impact a heated divorce can bring. As mentioned before, divorce can bring an onslaught of legal challenges.

There are many complex issues related to divorce, including:

When these matters are negotiated between both parties, it can result in a much smoother process. A heated divorce can also lead to excessive legal bills and time spent on fighting for what you want. Even after spending extensive amounts of time and money, you may still not resolve a divorce in the way you intended.

Having an attorney guide you and your spouse through the process ensures that matter are kept amicable. In the end, however, you must still make the decisions between yourself and your spouse.

How Does a Collaborative Divorce Actually Work?

Before you decide to pursue a collaborative divorce, you will need to understand a few details about the process: First, in this type of divorce, each party will have an attorney. The entire "team" will sign a participation agreement stating that they will attempt to reach a settlement together. You will also forgo the use of either lawyer if matters result in litigation. Second, because the agreement is designed to keep you committed to resolving issues honestly and fairly, the process will be carried out in private sessions with attorneys and your spouse, rather than in a courtroom.

Finally, collaborative divorce isn't the right option for everyone. You may be better suited to pursue mediation or a regular divorce. A divorce lawyer in Mesa can assess your legal options to help you determine the best course of action and counsel you through the process.

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